Emilie Pathenay

“ Flamenco has taught me to live my musicality through movement which has in turn allowed my soul to be transported. “

Originally from the Paris region, Emilie Pathenay was introduced to music and dance at an early age, notably through piano and ballet. 

At the age of 18 she discovered flamenco, but it’s only after her studies in dance and plastic arts that she decided to go to Jerez de la Frontera, the cradle of flamenco and an adoptive land that she will leave only 9 years later.

Trained in Jerez and Seville by renowned maestros (Manuela Carpio, Mercedes Ruiz, Juana Amaya, El Oruco, Miguel Ángel Heredia among others), it’s particularly through observing, listening and a total immersion in the Andalusian life that she captures the very essence of this art.

A dedicated artist, Emilie won first prize in 2017 at a flamenco competition organized during the important Jerez Flamenco Festival and has performed and taught throughout Europe (Spain, France, Hungary, Belgium and Switzerland).

Emilie returned to Paris in 2018 and has already made her mark in the local flamenco community. She shares her passion and her experience on stage as much as through teaching.